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Tamar standard seal dimensions

The Tamar seal comes in 6 standard imperial and metric sizes. 

These seals can be easily converted for other shaft sizes and fit within the complete size range. 

Dimensions other than the standard stocked seals are available upon request.

Cartridge seal without integrated bearing
צילום מסך 2021-09-01 ב-13.13.41.png
Cartridge seal with integrated bearing
צילום מסך 2021-09-01 ב-13.13.46.png
טבלה מעודכנת.png
צילום מסך 2021-09-01 ב-13.10.08.png

Customer nonstandard parameters that exceed the ranges can be accommodated.

Please consult our team of experts in order to meet your requirements. 

Tamar manufactures many custom seals. Any dimensions or material requirement can be supplied.

ATEX zone 1 and 2 seals can be certified upon request for selective models. 

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