Tamar C.E.M.A standard shaft seal

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Powder application


Tamar CEMA standard shaft seal comes in standard CEMA and 6 metric sizes.


Tamar CEMA standard shaft seals can be easily converted for other shaft sizes and fit within the complete size range. 

Dimensions other than the standard stockes seals are available upon request.

• Can be serviced while the equipment is running , no downtime.

• Average life before servicing - 2 years.


Tamar 410-SF shaft seal

Tamar MTZ 410-SF shaft seal is specially designed for screw conveyors and feeders.

• Max. sealing pressure______________0.5 bar (7 psi)

• Max. shaft speed ___________________1 m/s (3.28 f/s)

• PH________________________________0-14

• Max Temperture___________________ 90°C (195 °F)

• Max radial runout__________________1 mm (0.4")

cartridge seal without bearing integrated

cartridge seal with bearing integrated

Installation Procedure
Installation and maintenance procedure

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