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420 - VD 
For vacuum dryers 


MTZ 420-VD provides the best split sealing solution for vacuum dryers.

The MTZ 420VD is ideal for large thermal motion, changing pressures and shaft runout.

  1. Split cartridge type-simple and easy installation.

  2. Can be serviced while the equipment is running no downtime.

  3. Simple to maintain and repair.

  4. Average life before servicing - 2 years. 

Standard Parameters

Max. sealing pressure

Vacuum 120 mmHg to 0.5 bar (7 psi)

Max.shaft speed 

3 m/s (10_fs/s)





Max Temperature 

200°C (392°F)

Max radial runout 

1.5mm (0.06”)

Seal options

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 16.19.23.png

Split, shaft following arrangement for heat expanding shaft end

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 16.19.28.png

Standard split design for fixed drive end

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