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Tamar MTZ 440-PM powder shaft seal provides a solution for batch weighing packing machines.

The air flushed Tamar MTZ 440PM powder shaft seal can handle extreme applications and provides 3-4 weeks notification before maintenance.

• Can be serviced while the equipment is running, no downtime

• Simple to install and maintain

• Average life before servicing -1 year


• Max. sealing pressure_______________ 2 bar (29 psi)

• Max. shaft speed ___________________5 m/s (16.5 f/s)

• PH________________________________ 0-14

• Max . Temperture___________________80°C (176 °F)

• Max radial runout___________________0.5mm (0.02")

Seal options

Standard design for tight space applications

Bearing supported for custom designed applications

Tamar 440-PM Powder Shaft Seal

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Tamar 440-PM Powder Shaft Seal

Powder application

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