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Tamar specializes in the development and production of reliable and cost-effective rotary shaft sealing systems.

With over 30 years of experience in the sealing industry, Tamar has managed to successfully install thousands of shaft seals on various applications worldwide.


The Tamar patented shaft sealing technology is the best available technology for tough applications.

The Tamar shaft seal can fit any equipment such as screw conveyors, screw feeders, rotary valves, ribbon mixers, agitators, blowers, centrifugal pumps screw pumps etc.



The Tamar seal can easily replace any mechanical seal, powder air purge seals, braided packing etc.

Tamar shaft seal fits ANSI and CEMA standard dimensions. 


How The Seal Works


The Tamar seal is not like any other mechanical seal. There are NO SEALING FACES OR SPRINGS, and nothing is breakable within the cartridge. The Tamar shaft sealing technology combines all of the benefits of the conventional sealing methods to create a synergetic solution that contains eight layers of protection against leakage. The result is Zero leakage even under extreme conditions of dry running, slurry and extreme run-outs.

Tamar shaft sealing solutions

Tamar shaft seal solutions on PUMPS&SYSTEMS, Mechanical seal, Packing seal, Eagleburgman, John crane


Tamar updates

We were honored to hold a technical seminar in Mexico for our great partners at American Seal, and thank them for having us

Tamar new shaft seal application, Mechanical seal, Packing seal, Eagleburgmann, John crane

Tamar’s new bearing integrated CEMA seals are the best choice for screw conveyors


Tamar has a new ISO certification

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